B2B Growth Marketing Bible

You'll learn everything from the foundations to advanced tactics, this is the holy book of B2B growth marketing strategies

This is your ultimate B2B lead generation master journey.

1--- 270+ pages

2--- 7+ proven playbooks

3--- 100+ actionable strategies

4---15k+ leads generated

5--- Real-life examples and case studies

What you'll learn

Part 1: Fundamentals of B2B marketing

A solid base is crucial for all your marketing efforts. You'll learn about three types of leads , niche marketing, the buyer's journey and conversion path.

Part 2: Value proposition and storytelling

A compelling value proposition makes your visitors stay. And a good story convinces them to buy.

You'll learn to write both with actionable insights and proven frameworks.

Part 3: Conversion rate optimization

Explore how you can pull the right psychological levers to increase your conversion rate.

Learn how to analyze your data and conduct data-informed experiments.

Part 4: LinkedIn social selling, marketing automation and lead generation.

LinkedIn is the only B2B platform you can generate thousands of leads with zero budget.

Learn how to expand your network with the right content marketing strategy.

Leverage marketing automation tools to generate leads on autopilot.

Part 5: A-Z lead generation playbook

Transform your website and social platforms to lead capturing machines.

Apply 50+ actionable strategies and 15+ marketing tools to optimize your website for maximum conversion. 

Part 6: Close deals with the RIO personality-based approach 

Relational, Informative or Outgoing (RIO).

Determine your customers' personality type, read them like a book, and create a sales approach based on their behaviour.

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