From basics to rocket science.

Learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn with social selling and marketing automation.

What makes this mini-book good for your business?

We shared our best learnings from years of trial and error, so you'll get a shortcut.

You'll learn how to transform your LinkedIn into a conversion channel. 

From getting full-house events or webinars to generating thousands of leads with marketing automation. 

You’ll get results.

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Proven playbooks and strategies

1--- 270+ pages

2--- 7+ proven playbooks

3--- 100+ actionable strategies

4---15k+ leads generated

5--- Real-life examples and case studies

How could you generate +700 leads 

with one LinkedIn post?

Find It Out Yourself

What will you find inside this LinkedIn Book?

Part 1: How to optimize your LinkedIn profile and create a conversion funnel

Your profile is a meeting room. It is the suit you wear for the big meeting. 

You need to wear your best suit and prepare your best speech for your profile visitors.

Part 2: How to use marketing automation to expand your network

We think that you've seen at least one of our popular LinkedIn posts. These posts you’ve seen on LinkedIn aren’t going viral just by luck. 

The base of that is an expanded network. 

Learn how to get the right people in your circle. 

Part 3: How to reach thousands of people on LinkedIn without paying a dollar

How can you make people like you? Easy, give them what they want. People on Linkedin are not different.

Join us through the LinkedIn algorithm and learn how to make LinkedIn happy.

Part 4: How to create a content marketing planfor a year in one hour

Learn the different types of LinkedIn profiles.

Set up your marketing plan for the coming year through other channels that we are also using 

Part 5: Best content practices on LinkedIn for maximum engagement

This part is designed to inspire you. We have tried and observed many content approaches.

These 5 practices bring the best results by far.

Part 6: The Secret Weapon of Virality:How to use pods to go viral on LinkedIn 

Find people that have relevant interest as you have, engage with a bigger audience, all automatically.

Learn to filter by location and find the best pods for your industry. 

Part 7: Three proven playbooks that brought us over 5000 leads on LinkedIn

These playbooks are our products, and we implement them as a service to our customers. 

Here we’ll keep it 100% transparent and share every detail with you.

Generate leads ons LinkedIn in no time

Start winning on LinkedIn today

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